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What Are The Reasons For Google My Business Account Suspension

Google My Business account creates online business access in this era of digital business. The primary online platform that business owners offer to boost sales and attract new clients is their Google My Business account. These are some unknowing guidelines that could harm both your online search accessibility and your Google My Business account.

1- Multiple Listings For The Same Address

Having the same address is not permitted by Google for multiple businesses. Thus, sharing your business location with another business results in account suspension from Google. You need to request reinstatement of your Google account in this case.

2- Incomplete Verification

People don’t give enough information when setting up a Google My Business account, which prevents them from finishing their verification. It is a frequent cause of account suspensions by Google. Verifications pertaining to your address, phone number, category, necessary business information, etc., must be completed.

3- Frequent Edits

If you make changes to your GMB information more than once in a few days, your Google My Business account may be suspended. For example, you may have changed your business category, contact number, and address numerous times, but in this situation, a Google My Business reinstatement request may be able to activate your suspended Google account.

4- Address Removed

Google My Business Account Suspension happens if an owner removes his business address entirely. You need to mark your business service area in order to activate your Google suspended account if you want to hide your business location.

5- Google Found Fraud Material On The Profile

If someone displays phoney invitations, deals, or testimonials, Google My Business account is suspended. When companies share violent content to undercut their rivals’ demand, Google suspends the accounts of those businesses. Reinstatement requests for Google My Business are not approved under these conditions.

Types Of Suspensions

Google enforces the suspension of Google My Business accounts due to the rise in illegal listings over the past few years. There are various Google suspension scenarios.

Soft Suspension 

Customers can still search for your Google Business Account even after you have disabled your ability to manage, publish, update, and change your business account’s status to “unverified” through soft suspension. You won’t be able to reply, but they can view your profile and place orders.

Minor errors such as changing an emoji in the description or misspelling a word can cause soft suspension, but the profile remains visible. I could take care of it by submitting my request for business reinstatement.  

Hard Suspension 

A hard suspension removes all traces of the profile from Google search and deactivates it. It is not possible for customers to search directly for business knowledge. It has an immediate impact on your company’s ability to continue operating. 

Serious violent offences like endorsing unlawful activity, deleting contact details or basic business information, going after someone’s enterprise, or imitating other trends result in a hard suspension. 

Instructions For Submitting A Request For Google My Business Reinstatement

There are numerous reasons why your Google My Business account may be suspended if customers are unable to find you when they search online. Let’s investigate the cause. initially Determine the cause of the suspension and then adhere to these rules.

Examine the guidelines for Google content: view the contents of your entire profile. Ensure that everything complies with Google’s legal policy. 

Assess the Conformance of Your Account: Make sure your GMB account complies with Google’s policies.

Signing in: After following all instructions, log into your suspended Google account.

Please submit your request to have Google My Business restored. Fill out the reinstatement form in this step by following the guidelines provided. and send in the reinstatement request form for Google My Business.

Check your email as soon as the form is submitted to see if Google has automatically replied.


Online presence is essential for success in this digital age, but there are several key ways to slow down the expansion of your online business. When its rules are broken, Google has one role that suspends an account. These issues can be resolved with GMBpromax, which restores your suspended Google account.

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